15 January 2021

HelloFCB+ awarded Western Cape Government business

media release HelloFCB+ awarded Western Cape Government business

After a stringent three-phase tender process, HelloFCB+ has been awarded the Western Cape Government (WCG) marketing communication account.

This is the second time the agency has pitched for and won the business.

“This is a very emotional win for the agency,” said HelloFCB+’s Executive Business Director, Nadja Srdic. “It’s a very meaningful account for us. The work being done to build the Province matters a great deal, and we take our role very seriously. We’re delighted to retain the business and are looking forward to continue to drive positive change for the benefit of all WCG citizens.”

“We certainly proved our responsiveness and agility during all stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, having to respond to real-time data and analytics, adjusting our communication strategy and creative as the pandemic and its’ impact progressed,” added Chief Creative Officer, Mike Barnwell.

Srdic continued: “More than any other client I have worked on before, WCG has a particular modus operandi and incredibly complex structure. Our flexible modelling approach, however, allows us to tailor-make a way of working that best suits WCG. And, we do this for every client, no matter the size or the task. I believe the client-agency ‘fit’ is close to an ideal one.”

“One of our critical tasks is driving behaviour change, and we’re incredibly proud of the work we are doing. Work that is continually measured real-time to ensure the output is effective, and then adapting and optimszing to drive purposeful and meaningful behaviour change,” said the agency’s Managing Director, Danielle Sneiders.

“Helping to educate and protect the Western Cape’s citizens is purposeful and meaningful work, and we are honoured to work with the WCG to achieve that,” she said.