The Nahana Group is a collective of leading specialist agencies that provide creative solutions across the marketing ecosystem.

Our mission is to engage clients early, intelligently and collaboratively, to tackle the business problem, not just the creative task.

The modern marketer has an overwhelming choice of marketing & technology opportunities. We exist to help clients navigate this complexity to unlock exponential growth. Not only do we bring together a diverse range of specialist talent that can execute with creative and technical excellence across the consumer journey; but we also provide integrated management to ensure a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints.

We also exist to help build South Africa. We do this by using all our resources and creativity to contribute to an inclusive, sustainable economy. We start by building our people, building our clients’ businesses and ultimately building South Africa’s most successful brands. Our shareholding has been specifically structured to build a company that is able to achieve this purpose.

About Us


With data in the spine, insight at the heart, and creativity in our blood!

As a group, we’ve been managing complex integration for many of South Africa’s top brands for decades through our Open Architecture approach.

We’ve evolved and refined this approach along with global best practice to create meaningful collaboration that puts people and culture first. Each Nahana Agency is highly accomplished and independent with their own unique culture and management structure. This independence is what helps makes these agencies so strong and talented.

But there is even greater power when our talented specialists come together to create one integrated marketing solution that is focused on what’s best for the brand, not each individual agency. Our culture of collaboration is rooted in our shared purpose to build South Africa. This shared purpose enables us to filter talent so that we only hire people that are passionate about transformation, diversity and inclusion.

Our collaboration skills are further strengthened by a shared belief system called The Big Easy. Our shared belief system makes it easier for us to collaborate because we can focus on solutions and not waste time on conflicting ideologies.


Our Open Architecture approach allows our clients to seamlessly access more specialist skills and the best talent, regardless of where those resources reside within Nahana Communications Group. Our capabilities include:


You could say we work data in the spine, insight at the heart and creativity in our blood!

Thought leadership

The big easy
Scientific marketing and the creative instinct

We are the first agency group in the world to evolve our philosophy in line with new insights from Scientific Marketing and Behavioural Economics.
We are successfully using these insights to unlock exponential returns for our brands.

Find out how you can apply these insights to achieve exponential returns for your brand.

Thought leadership

Marketing for Humans
How People Make Decisions

For centuries we’ve believed that people make decisions rationally. But decision scientists now believe that only about 5% of our decisions are made using rational thinking. The other 95% are made intuitively, based on what we feel will satisfy our needs in the easiest possible way at the time.

Find out how human nature really works and how marketing can apply these new insights to achieve exponential returns.

Thought leadership

How Brands Pop
The Six Drivers of
Advertising Success

Based on new insights from Scientific Marketing and Behavioural Economics, we’ve isolated the key drivers of advertising success.

To achieve exponential results, advertising needs to get six things right. Find out how to make your brand pop out from the clutter.

Thought leadership

Marketing in a Recession 2.0
Six Strategies to
Grow in a Recession

Recession are often seen as a time of crisis for brands, but it can be a time of unique opportunity to grow your market share and emerge from the recession much stronger.

Find out how what strategies you need to implement in a recession to unlock growth.

Thought leadership

How to Boost your
Value Perception

While price is fixed, value is a perception. Using the latest insight from Behavioural Economics and Choice Architecture, we’ve identified 36 tactics that can help boost your value perception  - from making your product easier to afford without sacrificing margins to  tactics that help you maximize value perceptions to command a premium.

Find out how you can boost your value proposition with our Reframing Value workshop.

Thought leadership

How to Build
Distinctive Assets

The linkage failure rate is 50%. In other words, 50% of ads are not linked to the right brand. Scientific Marketing shows that the key driver of brand linkage is distinctive assets that hold the brand together across campaigns.

Find out how to build a strong foundation of distinctive assets that balance novelty and consistency in brand storytelling.

Thought leadership

African Millennials
Are Not American Millennials

There are many things that our african Millennials share with other Millennials around the world. But there are two things that make us unique.

Find out how to connect with African Millennials in a unique and powerful way.

Thought leadership

Cultural, Business
and Creative

The modern marekting landscape is complex and it’s challenging to integrate the consumer journey across multiple touchpoints. Decades of experience in complex integration has shown us that Integration is an ecosystem made up of different layers – including cultural and operational integration – that all need to be optimised to create seamless integration for our clients.

Find out how to take to create the conditions for sustainable and repeatable integration.

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Our executive team
Maserame Mouyeme
Maserame Mouyeme Non-Executive Chairman
Thabang Skwambane
Thabang Skwambane Chief Executive Officer – Nahana Communications Group
Brett Morris
Brett Morris Chief Creative Chair – Nahana Communications Group
Graham Vivian
Graham Vivian Chief Operating Officer - Nahana Communications Group
Andre Pillay
Andre Pillay Chief Technology Officer - Nahana Communications Group
Rita Doherty
Rita Doherty Chief Strategy Officer - Nahana Communications Group
Reagan Kok
Reagan Kok Group Managing director FCB Africa and ALTStudios
Tseliso Rangaka
Tseliso Rangaka Chief Creative Officer FCB Africa
Derek Coles
Derek Coles Managing Director - McCann Joburg
Chris Botha
Chris Botha Group Managing Director - Park Advertising
Kagiso Musi
Kagiso Musi Group Managing Director - Meta Media
Ipelegeng Thibedi
Ipelegeng Thibedi CEO - Weber Shandwick Africa

Our achievements

A top ranked group

  • Produced thecountry's Most Liked TVC in 25 years of Kantar AdTrack history (1984 – 2009) and, since then, has had more ads on the Annual Top 10 Most Liked List than any other agency
  • The only agency to receive the Robyn Putter Award 3 years in a row in Sunday Times Top Brands
  • The most awarded agency in the history of the Pendoring Awards for Vernacular Advertising


1st in South Africa

  • To win Cannes Grand Prix
  • To win One Show Best of Show
  • To win Loerie Gold for Vernacular
  • To win a Loerie Grand Prix for Digital

Agency of the Year

  • Agency of the Year (AdFocus 2000, 2001 and 2017)
  • Large Agency of the Year (AdFocus 2000, 2001, 2016, 2017)
  • Media Agency of the Year 7 times in 10 years (MOST Awards)
  • Digital Agency of the Year (AdFocus 2014 and 2016)


1st in South Africa

  • To win Cannes Grand Prix
  • To win One Show Best of Show
  • To win Loerie Gold for Vernacular
  • To win a Loerie Grand Prix for Digital